Traditional Thai Massage

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Traditional Thai massage, is a form of bodywork combining acupressure with breathing techniques, stretches and the yoga poses. It works on energy lines, throughout the body. Imbalances or blockages in the energy lines effect our health and well being. Thai massage therapist performing it using their body weight, applying yoga, acupressure, deep stretching and compression.

Health Benefits

It will take all body joints through their natural movements. Stretches all muscles using the therapist’s hands, elbows, forearms, feet and knees. Opens and unblocks energy lines throughout the body, easing everyday problems, to mention a few, back pain, stiff necks, headaches, and general tension. Relaxing and revitalizes. The result of a full body session is often an exciting and powerful mind and body experience. The recipient experiences great physical and mental well being. Some of health benefits are: relaxes, reduces stress, improves circulation, increases energy, increases flexibility, improves range of movements.


The healing art known as Nuad Boran (ancient massage) evolved over two thousand years ago in present day Thailand. Today, traditional Thai Massage, Thai Yoga Massage or simply Thai Massage, is an ancient healing system combining acupressure, unblocking energy lines techniques and assisted yoga postures. The founder, is an doctor named Jivaka Kumar Bhacca. He is mentioned in a variety of ancient documents about his advanced medical skills and his herbal medicine knowledge.

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